1. woodwindwielder:

    Playing the oboe: a 4-step process by yours truly

  2. woodwindwielder:

    I have a lot of free time in band in case you can’t tell


  3. sweet-as-cherry-wine said: Do you post much guitar/bass i.e non classical instruments? Just followed :)

    idk when this question is from but NO i have a very strict NO GUITAR POLICY 

    this is orchestral/band only


  4. Holy shit. Hi.

    So, lately, the only reason I log into this account is because I get a ton of emails telling me I have new followers. And I have like 14 billion new followers.

    Uh. I hope you’re all enjoying my disgusting bass clarinet spit story, which is clearly what brought you here. 

    I’m not going to be posting photos anytime soon because IT’S MY SENIOR RECITAL SEMESTER and I don’t have any time for it

    and uh yeah



  5. Oh hello 60-odd new followers


    I guess I’ll do an intro post?

    I started this blog five years ago.

    My name is Beth. I’m old, definitely older than all of you, because YOU are a high school band kid or a college music major, and I am definitely older than the average age for that.

    I go to school for music and have been doing so for a long long time.

    I’m a drum corps fan and auditioned for a few DCA corps this past season but didn’t pursue it. Maybe someday!

    I’m in the Pride of NJ—the Rutgers Marching Scarlet Knights! Go RU!

    I play woodwinds. Well, I play everything, really, but I play sax and mello most of all. 

    I don’t post on here a lot, mostly because a) I Tumbl from my phone 98% of the time and b) five years ago when I decided to make this blog, I didn’t know side blogs existed, so I have to log out, in, out, in to get to this blog and it’s annoying.

    Uhh that’s about it. Give a shout if you need anything.


  6. O_O



  7. 800+ notes in one day?

    Holy shit. Ok. Hi.

    I don’t post to this blog often. I’m sorry. I’ve gotten messages requesting specific instruments and I can promise nothing. It might be months.


    If you need anything, ask?