1. Oh hello 60-odd new followers


    I guess I’ll do an intro post?

    I started this blog five years ago.

    My name is Beth. I’m old, definitely older than all of you, because YOU are a high school band kid or a college music major, and I am definitely older than the average age for that.

    I go to school for music and have been doing so for a long long time.

    I’m a drum corps fan and auditioned for a few DCA corps this past season but didn’t pursue it. Maybe someday!

    I’m in the Pride of NJ—the Rutgers Marching Scarlet Knights! Go RU!

    I play woodwinds. Well, I play everything, really, but I play sax and mello most of all. 

    I don’t post on here a lot, mostly because a) I Tumbl from my phone 98% of the time and b) five years ago when I decided to make this blog, I didn’t know side blogs existed, so I have to log out, in, out, in to get to this blog and it’s annoying.

    Uhh that’s about it. Give a shout if you need anything.


  2. O_O



  3. 800+ notes in one day?

    Holy shit. Ok. Hi.

    I don’t post to this blog often. I’m sorry. I’ve gotten messages requesting specific instruments and I can promise nothing. It might be months.


    If you need anything, ask?


  9. Jesus christ on a cracker, you people are nuts

    I can always tell when something blows up because I get like 700 new emails saying I have new followers

    welp i guess i have to post new stuff for you guys now

  10. atmycorps:

    It’s almost jury day!